Watercolor Pencil Set 39 Piece

This quality watercolor pencil set includes 36 water-soluble color pencils, sharpener, blending brush and useful pencil extender

Use dry like regular colored pencils or you can add water for wonderful watercolor effects

Each colored pencil is full size 7” and pre-sharpened. The set of watercolor pencils comes in a full range of essential colors

The pencil leads are non-toxic, soft and crack-resistant and suitable for all coloring projects

Rich pigments aid easy blending with great saturation and smooth color lay-down on the page

These are perfect art pencils for watercolors, adult coloring books, doodling, shading zentangles, mandalas, craft projects, school, college and great GIFT idea


"Bought these for my artistic young niece. Lovely pencils and I love the pencil extender which mean she can use up all of the pencil even when they are down to just stubs."  P.S.S.

"I am amazed how these pencils transform into a watercolor look. I didn't know what to expect, but wow!"  Soccer Mom

"Very happy with the pencils. I mostly use them for coloring my stamps and they blend beautifully."   squeekymama

"I've never used watercolor pencils before and didn't know what to expect, but these pencils are amazing!"  templimb

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