We create custom workbooks, journals and logs for small businesses


Ideal for nutritionists, teachers, coaches, trainers, therapists, wedding planners, realtors, wineries, breweries, movers – just about any small business that would like their clients or customers to keep a record of an activity.

Our service is fully bespoke. We can customize both the interior and exterior of your book or we have some ready-made templates to which we can add your branding.

Printing is “on demand” so you can have as few or as many copies as you like and the unit price is the same. This avoids the age old problem of regular printers having minimum order requirements and you potentially ending up with a cupboard full of books tying up capital. You therefore have the flexibility, if you require, of making changes regularly to the interior and exterior and just printing a limited amount of the new version every time.

Why not contact us for a free consultation about what you might need. We may have some fun ideas too.





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