Elinor Friedman – Founder and Owner

! suppose it all started back in 2012. It had been 13 years since I met and married my American husband Magic and set up home with him in my native UK. He started to dream of a fantasy trip. To rent a motorcyle in Phoenix Arizona and take five weeks to travel around the great sights of the SW states of the USA. The planning progressed to a map on the kitchen wall that suddenly became so detailed and real we just knew we had to make the trip athough we had no idea how we would pay for it.

By 2013 the trip was booked and it was to change everything. We flew into Phoenix, collected the motorcyle as planned and set off around Arizona, Utah and Colorado visiting wonderful places like Zion, The Grand Canyon, Antelope Canyon (one of the wonders of the world for me) Monument Valley, Durango and …. Sedona. Somehow on that trip, and totally out of the blue, we decided to move to the US and by the next year we had sold almost everything in England and, with us both in our sixties moved to magical Sedona, Arizona. I had never before lived further than 10 miles from my birthplace of Wimbledon. We just love it here and are so thankful every day that we get to live here.

Sun, space, smiles and sandwiches so big you can hardly get your jaws around them. And then there are the beautiful red rocks all around us.

I was in Real Estate in the UK but always wanted to start my own business. So here in Sedona it has been amazing to have been inspired to launch Colorfest. I love creative crafts and color and so our very first product was a successful set of gel pens followed shortly by a set of quality watercolor pencils. It is such a joy every time I hear from a customer telling me how delighted they are with a product that we know we created from scratch. I will never get tired of nurturing happy customers.


And then more magic happened. i discovered the fun world of journalling and our main focus has changed to producing colorful blank or guided journals, notebooks and planners.  We can even personalize and brand them for small businesses and because they are printed “on demand” there is no need for a growing organization to be obliged to order large quantities.


I hope that you enjoy our site and If you have any questions or journals you would like to see please message me through our Facebook page and let me know. I will always be happy to hear from you.