Do you have a Food Family Tree?
Many of us still have memories of our grandmother’s cooking. The sublime smells. Helping her bake or just sitting around the kitchen table together. Food and family can be intimately connected and we need to preserve those special recipes handed down through the generations before they are forgotten. We all have a particular favorite comfort food that we like to call on in times of stress.
Food connects to all our five senses. It can also evoke memories of events and people from our childhood giving us feelings of comfort and nostalgia. Even though families do not sit down to eat together as much these days, there is still the ceremony of a family feast to celebrate high days and holidays. Eating with beloved family and special friends is good for the soul. Often there are contributions from each member with their well practiced speciality dish. Each cook in the family has their special style and flavor signature. These recipes can then get attached to the particular family member with love. “Oh I do hope Aunt Alice will be making her wonderful apple pie”. Perhaps they may have a special “tip” as to why it tastes so good which needs to be recorded.
Recipes will evolve from the original as they pass down the generations and you add your own cooking personality. However it is still important to remember the original creator. A family cookbook is an heirloom which can grow and be passed on to children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. It creates a chain to the past and connects younger children with their ancestors. It is a veritable food family tree.
Creating Your Family Recipe Book

Find a recipe book which has preset template pages to complete

Title each recipe with a family member’s name if possible           e.g. Grandma’s Famous Meat Loaf

Give a brief history of the recipe

Add any secret tips from the originator

Make a note of any adaptations you have made

Complete a book with comfort recipes for a family member going off to college

Start a recipe journal for a very personal wedding gift

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