Greeting cards were designed to give a personal touch to an occasion with written words, but often times the message and good intentions get lost in the commercial nature and mass production of these cards. Creating your own greeting cards can be a wonderful hobby and one that will benefit your friends and family too.

When you make your own greeting cards the options are virtually endless with what you can design. You have the say over its message, colors, designs, and materials, as well as enjoying the time spent constructing the card.

There are so many benefits to creating your own greeting cards, including:


  • The ability to personalize and design the cards to whichever style you wish
  • Fewer costs purchasing craft supplies than buying a single card for each occasion
  • Gratitude from friends and family at the time and effort put into making the cards
  • A personalized touch with each greeting card as you hand write each message

How to Make Greeting Cards

Before you begin creating your own greeting card, you’ll need to ensure you have the necessary materials to make your design. Some popular arts and crafts tools for card making include paper, cardstock, gel pens, watercolor pencils, adhesives, glitter, and other colorful items you might like to stick on.

You can purchase a set of blank greeting cards that are ready to be decorated if you don’t wish to make your own, and these are generally cheaper when bought in bulk. There are now coloring greeting cards which come with a pre-printed image and all you need to do is color them in. These have become popular of late with the recent trend of adult coloring books.

There are a few popular greeting card ideas and inspirations that you can find on Pinterest and other related craft sites. If you decide to design your own, ensure you’ve mapped out the basics before attempting to create it.

Write your personalized message inside the card before you begin, as this can be difficult once you’ve applied glitter or other decorative items. Allow for the adhesive and other items to dry sufficiently before placing the completed card in the envelope.

You might like to decorate your own greeting card envelopes or keep them plain and simple. Some people fashion rubber stamps to mark their envelopes and use these for every design they create.


Popular Designs of Greeting Cards

The greeting card design you select should reflect both the recipient and the message you are trying to communicate. With so many greeting card ideas available, here are just a few techniques to choose to create yours.

3D Cards

These can be a little tricky to master, but their effects are amazing. 3D cards use a range of different materials to create a 3D effect where the card’s designs comes to life for the recipient.

Nail Polish Technique

This simple technique will add color to your card by mixing a few different nail polish colors, nail polish remover, and water, creating a gorgeous rippled effect on your card.

Lace, Ribbon, and String

These materials are popular choices for greeting card designs and can be matched to suit just about any design. Simply apply with a strong fabric adhesive and adjust the material as you wish. You might even like to tie bows or braids into the ribbon before gluing for a stunning effect.

Recycled Materials

If you don’t have access to a large supply of craft materials, you can find items around the home to decorate cards with. Bottle caps, nuts, seeds, and pressed flowers can be used to decorate greeting cards.

Hand Drawn

For something simpler, a hand drawn greeting card can have just as much effect. Decorate these with watercolors or gel pens for an amazing burst of color.

Coloring Greeting Cards

If you are not artistically inclined then there are now pre-designed cards where you just color in the images with your own choice of colors. Find cards with a not too complicated design and where a good quality card has been used so you will not get any bleed through with your gel pens or watercolors. These cards are often supplied blank inside so you can add your own personalized message and so use them for any occasion.


Creating Your Greeting Card Sayings

Cards can be given for just about any occasion, and choosing the right greeting card sayings to write inside is just as important as the design. There are cards where you might want to offer condolences, congratulations, give thanks or add some humor. Due to the personal nature of these messages, it can be difficult to know what to write.

Some cards are left blank, allowing you to write a personalized message. However, if your greeting card has a theme here are some tips to help find the right words.


Funny Greeting Cards

It’s often said that laughter is the best medicine, and a humorous card can help lighten the mood of many situations. Just be careful to keep your message tasteful and appropriatefor the recipient as well as the occasion.

Condolences Greeting Cards

Personalized greeting cards are a wonderful way to offer condolences as it portrays your message with a personal touch. The messages of condolences in greeting cards should be warm, and directed to the person and occasion, without being too specific on details.


Congratulations Greeting Cards

There’s no better way to say congratulations than with a greeting card. Births, promotions, weddings, engagements, and pregnancies are just a few of the events that we might congratulate friends and family for. Keep your message jovial and specific, wishing the recipient well wishes for their journey.


Thank You Greeting Cards

A handmade thank you note is one of the nicest ways we can acknowledge others, whether it’s for attending an event, fundraising, or just to say thanks. Detail in the card how the recipient helped you and how grateful you are for their efforts.