If you are unsure of what your first scrapbooking project should center on, check out these theme ideas for inspiration. Some of these ideas tell a story and others focus on a central theme so it’s up to you which one you decide to create.  As you read the list you will likely start coming up with your own ideas so jot them down for the future.

Family Tree

Documenting your family tree in the form of a scrapbook is a great way to share your heritage with others. Photos, certificates, maps, and other items can all be placed in this type of scrapbook which can be shared with other family members as well.  Talk to your oldest relatives and see if they can add some stories and information which you could add.  It may lead you on a whole adventure of discovery.

Baby Book

A baby scrapbook has the potential to store so many wonderful items and memories, depending on what you’ve collected along the way. Hospital tags, locks of hair, ultrasound photos, and even pregnancy test results can all be placed in a baby book. These make great gifts for the parents of a baby or for your own special memories.


You might like to focus on a particular vacation you’ve taken or use the scrapbook to highlight the best holidays of your life. Insert ticket stubs from planes and trains, souvenirs and postcards, and happy snaps of your time away.  


A graduation scrapbook is a great gift for someone else to highlight their amazing achievement. You can start with memories from their first day of school and work up to their graduation, including report cards and school photos.

Weddings & Anniversaries

A wedding scrapbook is a fun way to gather all of the memories from your special day. If you have an anniversary approaching you might like to give this to your partner, or create a wedding scrapbook for another important couple in your life. Menus from the reception, professional photos, and copies of your certificates are all great items that can be presented here.


A gratitude-themed scrapbook or journal is very popular right now.  It can act as a story of your life, rather than focusing on a single event. By creating a page in your book for each thing you’re grateful for, this can serve as a constant reminder of all the good things you have.  You may be amazed at how good you feel creating it.


For a scrapbook with a twist, why not create one that holds your life goals.  You could also call it a Dream Scrapbook. It might not feature personal photographs from your past, but it can have images of the things you want to achieve. Cut pictures from magazine and maybe add motivational quotes. A scrapbook such as this is a great motivator to help keep you on track and motivated and there is great power in visualizing what you want.

If you would like to learn more about scrapbooking and its history, there is an excellent article here from our friends at scrapbookingcoach.com