One of the favored tools of arts and crafts enthusiasts and those who take pride in their handwriting is the gel pen. Gel pens are a fairly recent success in the world of stationery which continues to grow in popularity. Coming in a range of colors and for different uses, these pens offer a bold and bright line that isn’t possible with other writing tools.

Gel pens have a range of benefits over the standard ballpoint pen including their bold lines and range of colors and pigments. Their versatility and boldness make them one of the top choices for art, craft projects, as well as a handy and sleek writing mechanism for those in the world of business.


What is a Gel Pen

Gel pens sit somewhere between a rollerball and a ball point pen in their construction, but the ink of these pens is what sets them apart. The gel ink pen has a high level of tackiness which allows it to support more pigments.

Thanks to the range of pigments it can support, gel pens come in a range of different colors, bright shades, pastel tones, opalescent, metallic and glittery styles too. This gives them versatility like no other pen.

The design of these pens includes a barrel which holds the writing mechanism and an ink reservoir. Each style has a unique barrel of different sizes and shapes, designed to make their use more comfortable. The tip of the pen can vary greatly and will each give a different effect, depending on how thin or thick it is.


How Can They Be Used

With a gel pen set, you have limitless options for what you can create. They’re popular among arts and crafts enthusiasts for their ability to create permanent and bold colors on a range of materials. These pens can show up vividly on dark backgrounds and their acid-free ink dries solidly making them a permanent writing medium.

Some people prefer to use a gel pen for their everyday business or writing tasks. Black gel pens offer bold lines and are ideal for producing signatures or making notes on important documents. They can give a more official look than your standard ballpoint and their ink is more permanent too.

Benefits of Gel Pens

Gel pens are often compared with ballpoints and liquid rollerballs as they use the same mechanism to release the ink, however, they have quite a few benefits over these and others which make them so popular.

  • Their thick ink makes them less likely to bleed through paper, meaning it won’t do damage or run through to the other side of cards, notepads, or other thin materials
  • They come in a range of colors and shades that each show up as vividly as the next, ranging from pastel colors to fluorescent and neons to metallicThey have a unique ability to write on dark surfaces by creating opaque lines that stand out vividly
  • Their tips are able to create controlled and fine lines, so they work well for small or large projectsThey can write on smooth materials better than other pens which is one of the reasons for their popularity in arts and crafts
  • There’s no need to shake the pens in order to mix pigments and they don’t have a strong odor like some other styles
  • Their acid-free ink means it won’t fade when exposed to oxygen, so your text and drawings will last a lifetime
  • They create a bold line unlike any other pen and once the ink is applied it’s permanent.

Different Types of Gel Pen


With so many different brands and types available it can be hard to find the best gel pens for your project. Here are a few of the popular styles, their advantages, and what type of user they would suit.


Metallic Gel Pens

A favorite with arts and crafters, metallic gel pens are ideal for writing on dark paper or surfaces. The most popular colors are gold and silver, each with the ability to stand out in a dynamic way and show up where other pens don’t.

Glitter Gel Pens

For an added touch of pizazz to your standard gel pen, glitter pens are a huge hit in the craft world too. The ink of these pens contains small traces of glitter that make them sparkle and shine when applied to paper. Ideal for greeting cards, gifts tags, or just decorating a page creatively.

Erasable Gel Pens

These amazing inventions allow you to erase any mistakes made with your gel pen so they can be corrected. Working with a silver eraser end, you can rub them over your writing and thefriction this creates turns the ink invisible. Ideal for those who need to make corrections as they work, the erasable gel pen is a huge advancement for this type of ink.

Colored Gel Pens

White gel pens, blue gel pens, red gel pens, pink gel pens; the list goes on and on. Colored gel pens are the most popular of this type and available in just about every color imaginable. From pastel to neon, there’s something to suit every project and an ink that will stand out on the page.

Black Gel Pens

These style of pens are favored by those in the world of business as a sleek and bold writing tool. With the ability to purchase refillable gel pens, you don’t need to worry about them running out of ink. A gel pen is an ideal way to mark your signature on a document or make notes on important business plans in a smart and sophisticated way.

Personalized Gel Pens

The ideal gift for the crafter in your life is a personalized gel pen or gel pen set. These stunning pens are able to be personalized with your name or the name of a loved one, making them less likely to be lost or stolen

Retractable Gel Pens

Unlike traditional gel pens which require a lid, the retractable type can be tucked away with the push of a button. Retractable gel pens are ideal for office settings in particular where you might write for short or long periods each day. They produce smooth and clear lines and won’t dry out once they’ve been retracted so they’ll last as long as their ink supply does.

How to Use Gel Pens

The most important thing to consider with gel pens is purchasing a quality brand. There are many cheap imitations available that won’t produce bold lines and will have problems releasing ink onto the page. 

Not only is the brand of pen you choose important but so is the surface you’re writing on. Having the best gel pens is great, but if you’re using cheap quality paper or card this will have a completely different effect on the ink.

These pens are known to skip if applied to paper lightly which can cause a dotted effect. To combat this, use a controlled and steady force on the pen and work slowly creating your lines with it. Be cautious not to hold it too long as it might bleed or leak out. Broader tip pens, in particular, will put down a lot more ink, so keep this in mind as well.

Ensure that your surface is clean and free from other particles before using, as these can become trapped in the tip of the pen and cause them to scratch. Allow adequate time for the gel ink to dry once you’ve applied it to paper, which can take a little longer than other inks due to its tackiness.

Gel pens will need to be replaced more often than others as they can go through the supply of ink fairly quickly. However, there is now the option to purchase reusable gel pens which have a refillable ink compartment, saving you the expensive cost of replacing your pens every few months.  Many companies now sell refills with your set as well.

How to Revive Your Gel Pens


Because the ink in gel pens is water based, they are sometimes prone to drying out if not cared for correctly. If you’ve left the lid off of your gel pen or find that it’s dried out and no longer writes, try these steps to bring it back to life. You’ll save yourself the cost of buying a whole new set and will have this trick on hand for next time.

Firstly, check that the pen can’t be fixed on its own by shaking it vigorously. This will dislodge any air bubbles that might be causing it to block. Draw a few circles on a piece of paper and see if you can get the ink flowing again.

If your pen still isn’t writing, unscrew the top off from it. Using a water dropper, carefully place a couple of drops of water to the ink inside.

Place the top back on and shake the pen vigorously to allow the water to mix with the ink. Attempt to draw circles again and see if it’s working yet.

If your pen is still not writing, unscrew the lid again and place a couple more drops of water inside. Put the lid back on, shake, and try to draw again.

As a last attempt, fill a glass with warm water and submerge the pen in it completely. Let it soak for five minutes and then try again to write with it. Your pen should be brought back to life now.

If none of these steps work, it might be time to invest in a new pen. Always keep your pens stored with their lids on to prevent them from drying out and keep them in a cool and dry place at all times

Gel Pens for Writers

With the invention of technology, those who love the written word now seem to favor their laptop or the computer as their chosen method of writing. Pens and pencils were once the tool of choice for writers, acting as a natural extension of their hands and helping to transcribe the thoughts that ran through their mind quickly.

For those who prefer the traditional method and feel the right pen can help them write, a gel pen provides a formal finish to your writing that can help motivate you to write even more. When your words are written well and look pleasant on the page, this can help entice you to continue working.

Another advantage of gel pens for the writer is their acid-free ink, which means your words won’t fade over time. This is extremely important for writers who pen their thoughts in journals or logs and want to keep them in good condition.

If you aren’t a serious writer, but still want a pen for everyday use then the gel pen is best. Their ability to produce thick and solid lines make them ideal for writing and signing checks, adding your signature to important documents, or underlining books and notes.


Craft Ideas for Gel Pens


Gel pens should be a staple in any crafter’s toolbox, known for their ability to add bold and vivid lines and colors to any surface. Here are just a few popular craft ideas for gel pens and how you can use these amazing mechanisms to bring your next project to life.



The art of scrapbooking involves collecting and displaying pictures and memorabilia of a central theme or story in a book. Some examples of popular scrapbook ideas include birthdays, holidays, family trees, and weddings.

Photos and other memorabilia are published in a creative way with a page to signify one important moment or topic. These pages are then decorated with a range of craft materials and sometimes even accompanied by a written journal too.

Gel pens are a popular tool in this craft as their bold and bright colors make the perfect way to decorate pages. For the journal portion, a solid black gel pen can offer a sleek font that helps the text stand out in the book.

Those who love scrapbooking often have a range of gel pens, including the metallic range which allows them to write on black surfaces. For anyone serious about this craft, a quality set of gel pens is a must have accessory.

Greeting Cards


Designing your own greeting cards is a craft trend that’s been gaining popularity recently. With popular craft inspiration sites such as Pinterest now available online, the range of themes and ideas available to create greeting cards has expanded.

Greeting cards can be made for any occasion, including birthdays, graduations, Christmas, baby showers, or as a personalized thank you note. Recipients of these cards will appreciate the time and effort taken to create this unique gift and will treasure them for years to come.

And now you can buy coloring greeting cards which are a perfect combination with gel pens which were used exclusively on the examples above.

Gel pens are the ideal tool for this project as they work well writing on thicker cardboard materials and their bright colors can show up on any backdrop.
Not only are they great for decorating the card and writing a personalized message inside, but gel pens can also be used for the envelope design too. Their ability to write without having ink bleed through is an advantage since envelopes are sometimes made of very thin paper.


Adult Coloring Books


No longer is this fun pastime just for kids, adult coloring books have been taking the world by storm recently. These grown-up coloring books now cover a range of different interests and ideas such as plants, animals, landscapes, art, and design.

These books work just like a coloring book for kids, but with far more intricate designs and patterns to follow. There have been recorded therapeutic benefits to adult coloring books as they’ve been shown to reduce stress and anxiety in their users.

Gel pens make the perfect tool to color in these amazing designs and work far better than a standard colored pencil. Although they may not last as long, the vibrancy they bring to these coloring pages is certainly worth it.

These books work best with a range of colors including bright neons and dull pastels, making them a perfect match for gel pens. Once complete, these pictures look so amazing that they can be framed and hung in your home as your very own artwork.



Gift Tags


For those who like to add a personal touch to their gifts, creating your own gift tags is a simple but effective way to do this. The festive season especially calls for lots of gift tags to adorn the numerous presents we give out, and making your own with a personalized greeting is a great way to show you care.

A basic gift tag can be made with card or paper, a hole punch, and some ribbon, so it’s easy enough to do. Where you get creative, though, is with the design and this is when your gel pens will come in handy. Whether you want to draw pictures, patterns, or simply write the recipient’s name, these colorful tools will do the job.

Gel pens work particularly well on cardboard so their colors and pigments will shine on a gift tag. It’s a simple way to add a bit of color and personality to a time that can become so overwhelmed with manufactured and material items.


Handwritten Letters

Not necessarily a craft project but something fun nonetheless, hand-writing a letter is a great way to show your appreciation and gratitude. As technology becomes a bigger part of our lives than ever before, it’s rare these days to receive a handwritten letter in the mail instead of an email.

However, you know yourself that receiving one is an amazing treat. The next time you and the kids are looking for something to do that is both creative and thoughtful, try writing a letter to someone you care about.

Gel pens produce a sleek line that makes them perfect for producing great handwriting and your colored pens can be used to decorate the paper and envelope once you’re done.


Constellation Cards


These wonderful craft ideas are great for teaching children about the different constellations of our solar system. Using black card and metallic gel pens, you can create drawings of these amazing stars to represent the different constellations.

Not only are they great for your children, but they make excellent gifts as well. People are able to use these cards to try and identify the constellations for themselves in the sky using your handmade gifts as a guide.

Metallic gel pens come in silver and gold so they’re ideal for a project such as this. When drawn on black card, these colors contrast to make an amazing vivid drawing that resembles the night sky perfectly.



These amazing writing mechanisms have so many benefits and advantages that no household should be without them. Not just for arts and crafts lovers, gel pens have many other uses that make them a handy everyday item too.

If you’re looking for a pen that can provide smooth, bold, and vibrant lines and colors to your next project then look no further than gel pens. These versatile mechanisms have the ability to write and draw in neon, pastel, metallic, and even glitter, making them multiple products in one.