How to Choose the Right Coloring Book

January 03, 2019

How to Choose the Right Coloring Book

There are so many new adult coloring books appearing weekly on the market that it can be difficult for you to make a choice. Firstly, the most obvious question is what do you like?

Obviously it is more fun to color things that you have an interest in. This may be such things such as flowers, geometric patterns, animals, fantasy characters or perhaps you just love mandalas. You can find specialty books on so many subjects today. Just look for good artwork and variety.

How Much Detail Is There?

Be aware of the amount of detail on the pictures and pick your comfortable level. Children and those who are sight-impaired will likely prefer simple images.



Look closely at the pictures for too much repetition. You may enjoy the main pattern but then find it is just repeated in different sizes all over the page. This may be what you want but we find that the more variety the more fun.

Paper Quality

Make sure the paper is of good enough quality to ensure you do not get significant bleed through. A poor quality paper can also start to “shred” when shading and layering with more than one color or using fine tipped pens and pencils.


Single Page Designs

Books where each design is given a separate page with no image on the back ensures that some bleeding will not matter. However, it is also a good idea to place a piece of paper behind the picture you are working on to protect the one on the following page.

Detachable Pages

If you want to save your work and detach it from the book then look for books with perforated pages. If this is not possible then ensure there is a wide margin where the picture is not close to the edge of the page. You can then can cut along it with a blade to remove the image from the book. If the book is stapled together then you should be able to take it apart without damage to the finished picture.

Spiral Binding

Spiral binding of the book means you can tuck the rest of the book behind the page you are working on.  We particularly like the spiral along the top of the page as it does not impede your coloring hand whether you are left or right-handed. 

Do You Want to Draw as Well as Color?

Some books leave blank spaces for you to add your own drawings to the picture. Many people only want to color so find it a waste to have large empty areas on the page.

What Others Say

If you are buying from someone like Amazon then read through the reviews. You can also find some really useful and detailed video book reviews on YouTube.

Social Media

Adult coloring is so popular these days that there are many Facebook groups just full of people who love to color. Choose to join the groups that match your style and you are likely to find numerous recommendations of favorite books from others that will be a good fit for you.

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